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What Is Communication? – Types And Process Of Communication

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Communication is the process of exchanging information from one place, person, or group to another place. Earlier in the absence of means of communication, we used to take a lot of time to send and receive any information.

But now in this modern world of technology, many means of communication have become available, so that now anyone can Communicating anywhere has become very simple, you can easily exchange your information.

So friends, in today’s post, we are going to tell you all the information related to communication like what is communication, the types of communication, the importance of communication, etc.

In today’s modern life, every person needs communication. Today every person is connected with the whole world because of the means of communication. These means of communication have made our life easier.

By the way, today everyone exchanges their information through some medium or the other. But not everyone is fully aware of what is communication. That’s why today in this post we will tell you its complete information in detail.

If you also want to get all the important information related to communication well, then definitely read this post of our What is Communication from beginning to end.

What Is Communication?

What is communication?

The process of exchanging any information is called communication. That is, when we transmit our information from one place to another through some medium, then it is called communication. Through the Internet, we can easily reach any information from us to any other person in a very short time.

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In the present time, the first and best medium of communication is our voice and our language, through this only human beings share their thoughts, feelings with each other and are connected to each other through voice i.e. conversation. lives. can exchange information.

The word communication is derived from the Latin language Communicare, which means to exchange information or to share any information, thoughts, or feelings.

So here you know what is communication, let us now know how many types of communication are there and also what is a communication process?

Types Of Communication

There are 4 types of communication, let us now know about them in detail:

Intrapersonal Communication

In this, the person communicates with himself. And in this the person is alone. This means that a person thinks in the mind, makes plans, if a person dreams or thinks then it comes under Intrapersonal Communication.

Interpersonal Communication

2 people are involved in this type of communication. When 2 people talk to each other, it is called Interpersonal Communication. This communication happens face to face. It can be anywhere in the form of words, pictures, signs. In this, there is direct contact between two people.

Group Communication

In this, communication is done in groups. As its name suggests, it is called group communication. Every person is a member of some group. When some people of the group more than two people have some conversation on some topic then it is called group communication.

Mass Communication

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It means mass communication. It is a great form of group communication. It means to convey any information to the public with the help of the media. Mass communication refers to communication with a large group of people.

Types Of Communication In Technology


Through simplex, the sender can only send data or information and the receiver can only receive, meaning the communication between the sender and the receiver takes place in only one direction. like keyboard and Computer Monitor.

Half Duplex

In half duplex, information is exchanged between both the sender and the receiver, but only one side of communication is possible at a time, both cannot communicate simultaneously at the same time.

Full Duplex

In full-duplex, the exchange of data or information between the sender and the receiver can happen from both sides at the same time, for example, our mobile phone.


Communication Process

We use the process of communication every day in our lives. Its process is something like this:


The one who transmits any information to others is called Sender. While communicating, a person exchanges his thoughts. And by whom something is spoken, or information is sent, it is called Sender.


The sender sends a message to a person. In this, he sends the thoughts that come to his mind. It can be in the form of a picture or a sign.


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When we use symbols to understand the given information.


The medium which is used to send the message is called medium. Through which we pass our message to others. There are also many types of medium.


It is the process in which the receiver receives the encrypted signals from the sender.


The receiver is the one who receives the message. and to which the message is sent. By receiving this message, he understands the point of the person in front.


It is a kind of information. which is given by the receiver to the sender. On the basis of this, the sender can understand whether there is a need for any change in the information given by him or not.


Through today’s post, we told you what is communication and you also came to know about the Elements of Communication through this post. Hope friends, we have given you good information about this.

How did you like the information about Communication, definitely tell us? You also came to know through this post of today’s Concept Of Communication. We hope that you have got complete information about this.

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