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Top 10 Amazing Facts About The Quran

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For the first time here on QnaPost, we’re looking at a dedicated article featuring Facts About The Quran Muslim holy book. There are definitely many things to say about the Quran. But, for now, I just have ten things so you definitely want to read this article up until the end. Because these facts are really surprising and interesting.

Top 10 Amazing Facts About The Quran

Although nobody knows why he placed them in that order anyways. In general, the longer revelations can be found near the beginning of the Quran and the shorter ones are towards the end. 

06. Now note every book that says it’s the Quran. Is the Quran Muslims consider the original Arabic words in which the Quran was recorded to actually be authentic. Quran and other translations and different languages are considered incomplete and not authentic. So if you want to actually read the Quran you got to learn some Arabic and go read it yourself. 

05. Now another interesting fact is that if all the currents in the world. Today was destroyed the original Arabic would still remain. This is because there are millions of Muslims called Hafiz or guardians or memorizers depending on the context.

And they have memorized the Quran literally letter four-letter word for word also chapters from the Quran are recited in each of the five formal prayers. That happened daily just so that Muslims can keep it fresh in their mind. 

04. The most expensive Quran actually sold for 2.3 million dollars this was back in the year 2007. Now it doesn’t make it the most valuable holy book because there was a Bible that was sold for 5.5 million dollars in 2008.

However, is a ton of money 2.3 million dollars really the Quran that sold for that amount of money was dated back to June of 1203. And it was considered the oldest complete and dated copy of the Quran that’s known. 

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03. In 2008 Syed Najma Hassanxishi from India got the world record for creating the largest handwritten Quran. The world’s record was then taken in 2011 by a Quran in Russia that weighed 1763 pounds.

It was decorated with gold and silver and other stones and then a few months later the largest Quran was unveiled in Afghanistan. And that one weighed a thousand 102 pounds. 

02. Now no actual women are mentioned by name in the Quran except for one and that’s Mayor Maryam the mother of Jesus. There are two entire chapters 3 about the family of Mary Ellen chapter 19. Which is just about Miriam these chapters go into a lot of detail about how Mary had a virgin birth. 

01. And the final thing I want to share is a sort of along these lines. But the name of the Prophet Muhammad is mentioned only four times in the Quran which is surprising. And the name Prophet also appears which is apparently a variant of the name for Prophet Mohammed.

It that’s mentioned only once in the Quran however the name Jesus is mentioned far more than Muhammad’s name. Jesus by name can be found in the Quran in 25 different places on top of that Jesus is referenced more than any other person in the Quran.

But, not all the mentions whereby name instead some of the references say the Messiah or the son of Mary you know things like that the Quran. Even mentions how Jesus went to heaven and will return again which is a very Christian belief I found this one very very very fascinating.

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