Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Top 10 Celebrities Everyone Thought Were Muslim

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There are many talented celebrities who are making a huge impact in the creative fields of their choice. Yet due to certain stereotypes assumptions and just a general lack of knowledge. There are several celebrities out there that everybody just thought and assumed that they were Muslim. But they turned out to actually not be.

I have top 10 celebrities who everybody thought were Muslim and by the way when I use that term everyone. I use it loosely I just mean like a large number of people so let’s jump into this one

10. Bohemia


We have Bohemia his real name is Roger David and he was born on October 15th in the year 1979. And of course, he’s known by his stage name Bohemia. He’s a Pakistani American rapper as well as he is a producer.

He still making hits to this day he was born in Karachi Pakistan and he did his schooling in Peshawar.

Now he is the first Punjabi rapper to actually popularize, the rap genre so he is been a huge trendsetter. And he’s still doing raps in the Punjabi industry.

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