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Canada Vs UK Best Country To Study On An International Level

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The UK and Canada were traditionally the favourite locations for Indian students to study on an international level. Each one has a lengthy heritage of offering high-quality training and has earned top positions individually across the world! In this blog, we have gathered some crucial facts to guarantee that you do not miss any vital piece of information.

We have broken down and compared both nations, based on a number of the key concerns when students choose to study on an international level.

With all the data in one location, you are equipped to make the best choice for yourself! If you want the answers to all your queries such as which nation is best for you?

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Check out the underneath comparison for clearing your dilemma: 

Canada Vs UK


Canada: Foreign students are increasingly interested in studying in Canada. As it progresses through the rankings. There are more than 300 universities in the nation, with a wide range of degrees to select from.

They have cutting-edge technology and infrastructure. Many well-known adept professionals in various fields have recently graduated from Canadian institutions.

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UK: Universities such as Cambridge and Oxford have long been associated with the United Kingdom. As a result, it is a fantastic place to study. The institutions in the United Kingdom are the best in the world. Their instructional techniques, sites, and amenities are well-known.

Canada: Marketing (i.e. MBA), Advanced Manufacturing, Computer Programming Engineering (including Engineering management), Physiological and Earth Research (with an emphasis on renewable energy), and Forestry and Agricultural Sciences are the most popular disciplines among overseas students in Canada.

UK: Business (i.e. MBA), Natural Sciences (especially Biological Sciences), Engineering, Medicine (particularly dentistry, pharmacy, and nursing), and the Social Sciences are among the most popular disciplines among overseas students in the United Kingdom (particularly Psychology).

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Education quality 

Canada: Although Canada has three entries in the top 100, The University of Toronto, British Columbia, and McGill University are world-class institutions for business management and STEM studies.

In terms of adaptability, Canada falls midway between the United Kingdom and the United States. It allows for course discovery and/or change within the confines of a predefined curriculum.

UK: The United Kingdom is internationally famous for its educational system, with four of its elite schools, such as Oxbridge, placing in the top 20 of the global rankings.

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Lectures are lecture-based, and unlike in the United States, your final grade is dependent entirely on your end-of-term exams. Because the legal systems of both nations are so similar, the UK attracts a lot of undergraduate law students from India.

The United Kingdom adheres to a strict structure in which the ultimate degree decision is determined throughout the application process.

 Possibilities for Employment

Canada: Canada is highly friendly to overseas students and has been working hard to boost the number of international students enrolled in its educational institutions.

One method to do this has been to increase the number of possibilities for students to seek work both while studying and after graduation. Through a programme known as the Post-Graduation Work Permit, Canada enables overseas students to work in the country for a maximum of three years following graduation (PGWP).

This not only allows students to explore jobs in Canada but also opens the door to residence permits, which can eventually lead to full citizen status.

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UK: Finding a part-time job while pursuing higher education in the UK is challenging for international students; nevertheless, the UK government recently revised its immigration regulations in order to attract more international students.

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According to the new regulations, overseas students who begin their studies in the UK in 2020 or later will be eligible for the new post-study work visa, which will allow learners to stay in the UK for up to two years after graduation to find work. 

Wrapping up

McGill Institution, Canada’s second-best university, is also located in the Francophone city. London, UK, on the other hand, takes the cake with first place.

It is home to many of the greatest colleges in the United Kingdom, a major worldwide hub for business and finance, and one of the world’s top centres for art and culture.

It has one of the world’s largest foreign student numbers, which surpassed 1 lakh in 2019. All in all both countries have the calibre to transform your career in an unimaginable manner. 

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