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Best Business Ideas In India With Low Investment And High Profit

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India is one of the fastest-growing trade and economies in the world. Siliguri is a small city in West Bengal that is also at its peak in terms of business growth.  In which small industries have a major contribution. Whether the business is small or big, its success depends on your hard work, patience, courage, and good planning. Starting a business for beginners can seem like a mountain of work. But the amount of time, money, and risk involved depends on the business idea you choose. That’s why we have brought you the top Best Business Ideas In West Bengal, India. 

Nowadays most people aspire to start their own business, but due to lack of information, not getting enough resources, and fear of taking risks, they are hesitant in doing business.

That’s why today we have brought for you some of the best successful low investment small and big business ideas in West Bengal India. That requires less cost to start and more hard work and dedication and which have proved to be beneficial for many people so far.

Business Ideas

Best Business Ideas In India, West Bengal

You can get a good business idea from anywhere. Just observe the environment around you and find out what difficulties people face in their everyday work. When you identify those problems, then you have to work on their solution and that solution will become your business idea.

1. Food Service

Food is one of three basic necessities of life, food, cloth, and the house is the most suitable and best option for business. It is a very easy way to start a small-scale business with low cost and high profit.

In the foodservice business, you will not have any shortage of customers as long as you are serving food. As a small start-up business, if you have little capital, you can start with few options like a traditional breakfast, snacks, tea/coffee, etc.

  • Start a food service business from your home.
  • Propagate around the house through pamphlets at the lowest cost.
  • Be sure to promote in the nearest office.
  • Get customers to subscribe for a month by fixing the cost of per-plate food.
  • Change the menu daily to deliver delicious food to the customers.

2. Organic Farming

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If you are from a farmer family and you like to do farming then you can choose it as a profitable business. In this agricultural country, many people have land which can be cultivated, but due to lack of information, people do not do farming properly and they have to suffer.

Presently organic farming is gaining more emphasis because now everyone has become more conscious about the food they eat.

Therefore, most of the consumers are directly contacting the organic farmers to ensure that the fruits and vegetables consumed by them are free from pesticides and harmful chemicals. So if you have your own land then you can earn more profit by doing organic farming on it.

  • With a little research, you can learn about organic farming.
  • Be sure to consult professional people on this.
  • Grow such plants or vegetables which fetch a higher price in the market.
  • Health-conscious people consume a lot of vegetables produced by organic farming.

Chocolate Making

3. Chocolate Making

You must be aware that presently chocolate is preferred by every generation and now chocolate is also introduced as the main ingredient for special occasions and celebrations etc.

Making chocolate is the simplest and easiest business idea, you can also keep it in the category of best small business ideas in west Bengal or Business Ideas for Women.

If you are interested in the chocolate business. Then you just have to learn how to make chocolate from an expert, you can also watch videos on making chocolate online.

  • Learn how to make chocolate.
  • Bring utensils, chocolate molds, and other ingredients and start making chocolate.
  • Get inspired to pick up your chocolates from shopping malls and nearby shoppers.
  • Promote on social media platforms like- WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • Take the order and deliver it to the customer after packing it well.

4. Tuition Class

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The field of education is very wide and it is also a very good business idea at a low cost. Which can be done by housewives or men as a part-time job or as a small business.

It fits into the category of a small business idea for women or girls. If you are educated and can teach others, then you can easily start tuition classes at your home and then increase it as your students grow.

  • Arrange some benches or chairs at home.
  • Preach with the parents of children near you.
  • Fix the fees according to the education of the children.
  • Start teaching kids.

5. Recruitment Services

A recruitment agency is another small business idea that is a kind of intermediary body. It stands out between an organization or company that is looking to recruit an employee and an aspiring job seeker who is looking for employment.

This is a good business that does not require a lot of investment, you just need to have good contacts and business customers.

To start this business, you can do this by establishing cooperation with the HR personnel working in the corporate company.

  • Submit the data of the candidates.
  • Help companies find employees.
  • Provide the right candidate to the company.
  • Get amazing commission on every candidate.

6. Cooking Classes

If you are an expert in cooking or a professional cook and do not want to start a restaurant, food truck, or dhaba, then you can teach your cooking skills to other people through cooking classes.

This small business is gaining more traction among the urban households of India. You can start your business online, offline, or also through a blog/website.

  • Arrange oven, tandoor, knife, and other things to teach cooking.
  • Spread the information of the cooking business in your and nearby society.
  • Decide on the fee structure and timing of classes for teaching cooking.
  • Start teaching cooking now.
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Yoga Classes

7. Yoga Classes

Yoga is one of the effective and ancient techniques to stay healthy and fit. Yoga provides peace to the mind and energizes the body. There are many benefits of doing yoga daily and many people are becoming aware of it.

By completing many yoga training courses, one becomes a yoga teacher. There are many famous yoga teachers in India who provide training services not only in India but also abroad.

Presently there is a lot of demand for both online and offline yoga. Which just requires a computer device, a fast internet connection, and a room.

  • Become a yoga instructor by taking yoga training and getting a certificate.
  • Make people around you health aware and tell them the benefits of yoga.
  • Fix the fees for teaching yoga and start teaching people.

8. English Speaking Classes

Nowadays English is being used a lot in India too and many people are showing their interest in learning English.

If you are a proficient English speaker then this is a good business idea for you, because in this you can take your business to great heights.

Because friends, there is no age limit to learn English, every class wants to learn it, that is, it will prove to be a big market for you. Currently, both online and offline methods are being used to teach English.

  • Promote your coaching through pamphlets outside school, college.
  • You can also promote it on online social media channels.
  • Add as many people as possible to your class.
  • Decide the fee and time to teach English and start earning.

9. Insurance Agent

An insurance agent is a professional who represents consumers in providing them with the best insurance policy for their needs.

If you dislike the insurance agent profession, then let us tell you that, due to this covid-19 epidemic, many people have become very aware of life insurance, medical insurance, etc.

  • Get agent certification from IRDA by studying insurance.
  • Promote it among people and promote it on all platforms.
  • Earn good commission per insurance policy.

10. Fitness Trainer

Nowadays people have become very conscious about fitness. For which they are leaving no stone unturned. A fitness trainer instructs his clients to exercise and motivate them to get fit faster.

If you are serious about fitness then get a fitness certificate and start training. As a fitness, you can earn 5-10 thousand rupees per month or more by giving your services in any gym or you can train by opening your own gym.

  • Make people aware of fitness.
  • Work as a fitness trainer in the gym.
  • Give fitness training service to people even after going home.
  • Earn good commission per customer.

11. Wedding Planner

People in India believe that marriage happens once and not again and again and which everyone does with great pomp. Whether it is a recession or a pandemic, marriage will continue forever.

Many people have a wedding planner who is responsible for almost everything from the beginning to the final ceremony.

The list of arrangements to be done by a wedding planner includes decorations, catering, clothing, travel booking, pickup and drops, venue selection, dance choreographer, music and beautician, etc.

12. Personal Chef

Individual chefs prepare meals for busy families, small home parties, corporate lunches, and special events, such as birthdays or anniversaries.

If you are also an expert in making delicious and different types of food, then you should definitely do this business.

You can earn a lot of money by cooking food for your clients or contracting them to cook for a special event.

  • Contact some good clients and get their food contract.
  • Know their likes and dislikes and prepare food according to them.
  • Never compromise on quality, as this same client will bring you, other clients.

13. Mobile Food Shop

People in India are very fond of food in which a new way mobile or truck food business is gaining immense popularity among entrepreneurs and consumers in India.

If you know how to cook good and tasty food then you can open your own mobile restaurant. In the beginning, at a small level, you can put some options on the menu, and gradually as you get more customers, you can increase the number of options.

  • Buy a mobile van with little investment.
  • Team up with two or three people.
  • Stand in the office complex, intersection, or Chowpatty.
  • Just keep adding more and more customers with the taste of your food.

14. Mask Making Business

Currently, the main reason for the mask-making business being in discussions is the Covid-19 pandemic. Face masks were made by many rural and urban women keeping in view the requirements of face masks for mankind and their lack in the market. In this era of Corona, making and selling masks is a very simple business method.

  • Make a team of people who do sewing and embroidery.
  • Produce different types of masks like- designer, simple, cotton masks.
  • Sell ​​them by visiting nearby shops and persuade them to place your next order.
  • Earn good income by producing more.

15. Car Driving School

We all know that today’s era is of motor-car. And if we talk about the car, then everyone wants to learn to drive a car, for which a trainer is needed so that they can easily learn to drive a car as soon as possible.

If you know how to drive a good car then you can also run your own driving school and earn thousands of rupees. This is a good low investment business in which all you need is a car and training.

  • Rent a shop and build an office in it.
  • Take 2-3 trainers with you.
  • Teach people to drive.
  • Earn good income every month.

16. Computer Classes

Nowadays people of all classes are showing interest in learning computer and computer has become a daily necessity now. If you have all the knowledge related to computers and you are an expert in it.

Then you can open your own computer coaching institute. This is also a good business of low cost, just for this, you must have a computer.

  • Rent a small space.
  • Make provision for 8-10 computers and other things.
  • Promote your class online offline.
  • Start learning computer to people by fixing the fees.

17. Stationary & Book Store

There is always a demand for things related to stationery and books, whether it is school or office, their need is read everywhere.

If you run your shop in any school, college, coaching, or office area, then you will get a lot of success in it. This is also a good business of low investment in which the chance of loss is very less.

  • Open your shop in a school or office area.
  • Keep everything in the shop as per the requirement of the customers.
  • Earn good income with moderate investment.

Gift Shop

18. Gift Shop

Giving gifts at festivals, celebrations or any special occasion is an integral part of Indian culture. When it comes to gifting a special someone, there is a high demand for creative and unique gift-giving.

Most of the customers are looking for a cheap, good, durable, and unique gift. Due to this, the number of gift shops is increasing in the market and it has emerged as a big small business. It can also be operated at home.

19. Herbal & Ayurveda Products Retail Business

Ayurveda has been given special importance in India since its inception. Since the arrival of the corona epidemic, health awareness has started increasing among all the people, in which Ayurvedic products are the main ones.

This is the reason that now often people have started giving more preference to Ayurvedic medicines instead of allopathic medicines.

In the last few years, the market demand for Ayurvedic medicines or herbal products has increased tremendously.

This is also the reason why many people are turning their attention towards Ayurveda Products Retail Business or Herbal & Ayurveda Products Retail Business. Which is a good small business with low investment.

20. Tattoo Shop

Even if you are unaware of tattoos because it is not necessary that you have ever got any tattoo done on any part of your body.

But if you have paid attention, then you must have seen some tattoos on the hands, neck, legs, or arms of many young people or any person.

Tattoos can be easily seen in these places, but many young men and women get tattoos made at such places of the body, then they hide in clothes.

Due to which many feel that only a few people get tattoos made. The craze of tattoos is currently increasing very loudly not only in foreign countries but also in India.

  • Hire a shop and hire a tattoo artist.
  • Earn good income on each tattoo from the logo.
  • You can also learn to make tattoos yourself so that you will not have to hire an artist.

21. Cosmetics Business

You will be well acquainted with the cosmetic shop. Cosmetic products are generally those products that are used for beauty care.

And when it comes to beauty products and women are not mentioned, it cannot happen, because beauty products are used more by women than men.

There will be very few women who are not fond of dressing up. Therefore, you can start a cosmetic business as a small investment, in which you will have a negligible loss and more profit.

22. Mobile Recharge Business

Mobile recharge business is such a business that any person can do it easily from anywhere and anytime. But many people think that there is not much earning in it but this is their misconception, it earns very well.

Just for this, you have to join a good mobile recharge company, which provides a mobile recharge service. There are many companies in the market today that provide mobile recharge services.

You can start your own business with any service like Retailer, Distributor, Master Distributor, Recharge Portal, etc.

23. Pickle Making

In India, pickle is consumed with food in every household of India. Due to its use not only in the whole of India but in other countries, there can be no possibility of this business not running.

If you have the magic of making a good and delicious pickle in your hands then you can leave your arc in the minds of your customers.

The most important thing to set up this business is the method of making pickles. In the beginning, you can start a pickle business on a small scale, then as the demand for it increases, you can also increase it.

  • Initially, make pickles from your own home.
  • Distribute small quantities of pickles to people as samples so that they can taste it.
  • Start taking orders from people and earn a lot.
  • Maintain quality to make business ideas big.

24. Tailoring/ Embroidery

The business of Tailoring and Embroidery is a popular and prominent business since ancient times, which is related to the three basic needs of human beings as clothing is one of the main needs of all.

Usually, this business is opened in India by many middle-class families in their homes. But some of the contracts with theatres, etc. to get orders directly from them and earn good money by fulfilling them.

This is a tried-and-tested business, which even if done on a large scale, the risk of is negligible.

25. Vegetable & Fruit Selling

The vegetable and fruit business, which is included in the list of business ideas in India to be started with low investment.

We all know that most of the vegetables and fruits in India are sold on the roadside. Vegetables are one such food item that is consumed by everyone in daily life.

And if we talk about Covid-19 and lockdown, then in such a situation this business idea proved to be very useful. In which vegetable and fruit vendors went door-to-door in every street and neighborhood and provided their services to the people.

  • Buy fruits and vegetables from your city’s vegetable market or wholesale market.
  • Make this information accessible to your area, society, and all known people.
  • Take orders from everyone and deliver orders in bulk quantity to people’s homes.
  • Earn good profit with a good margin.

If you are also thinking of doing a big business, then today we are going to tell you about the top big business ideas tried in India which have low risk and big profit.

26. Dairy Industry

This is such a business, in which you do not even need any special qualifications and the chances of you getting profit are also very high. As you all know that India is an agricultural country.

Most of the people in the rural areas of our country do animal husbandry, for such people who have enough cattle, they can start the dairy industry.

For this, you can supply milk by contracting with hotels, milk dairies, etc., and you can also contract with a big company like Amul.

If you want, you can start a good business by making milk products like khoya, paneer, ghee, butter, cream, and various milk products.

Poultry Industry

27. Poultry Industry

This is a great business ideas in India on a large scale, which is giving more profit in less time. If you belong to the village, then poultry farming can be a good option for you, if you want, you can start it from the city.

Training programs are run by NABARD, Government of India for poultry farming, in which you are trained in everything such as feeding chickens, their maintenance, species, prevention of their diseases, etc.,

You can take training from here and start this business. And you can earn good money by selling eggs and chicken.

28. Property Dealing

Almost everyone will be well aware of the name called property dealer, whose job is to earn money by mediating between those who buy and sell properties. This is a business ideas in India in which unlimited profits can be obtained without much effort.

However, now to do this work, one has to get a license by registering under RERA (Regulatory Authority of India). Despite this, unregistered property dealers will be found in many villages and towns that do this work.

Unregistered property dealers are not legal as they may have to close their operations at any time.


Business ideas and possibilities are limitless and countless, all you need to do is identify them. We have tried our best in this article to tell you different types of business ideas in India and hope they reach you.

We know that doing business has become very difficult these days. Income has come to a standstill in situations like lockdown due to the Corona epidemic.

Please send your thoughts on this blog of ours. And yes, do share this article on your friends, relatives, and social media accounts, so that they can also get a source of income in such situations by picking up some small business idea.

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